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Magnetic Sensing and Power IC Solutions

We are a global leader in power and sensing solutions for motion control and energy-efficient systems.

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What We Do

Our Products are at the Heart of Functions That Sense, Regulate, and Drive Electro-mechanical Systems.

Our products are in your car’s engine and safety systems, in hyperscale data centers and in the automation enabling efficient factories. If you drive a car, if you use cloud data services, if you receive a package delivery, you’re interacting with our technology.

Sensor ICs

Accurately measure current in a circuit, precisely detect linear or angular position, measure linear and angular movement, rotational speed and more.

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Regulation ICs

Translate power from high to low voltages and regulate them to safely and reliably power IC components.

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Driver ICs

Simplify design, reduce board space, and lower costs. Embedded motion control algorithms improve your motor performance and time to market.

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The Future of Sensing, Today: XtremeSense™ TMR Technology

Unprecedented performance breakthroughs in magnetic sensing

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Customer Success

“Our technologies are featured in some of the most sophisticated vehicles, premium appliances and controls-driven products. Choosing Allegro MicroSystems as a partner allows us to do more.”

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Sensing and Power Semiconductor ICs for eMobility, Clean Energy, Cloud and Automation


Charge faster. Drive farther. Get there safely.

Our zero-defect culture and innovative solutions boost efficiency in powertrain, safety, and comfort.

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Clean Energy

Reliability and Efficiency Even in Harsh Environments

Our zero-defect culture and innovative solutions boost efficiency in powertrain, safety, and comfort.

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Clean Energy

Cloud and Automation

Improved Thermal Efficiency and Equipment Safety

Accurate sensing and efficient motor drivers speed up automation across industries.

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Cloud Automation

We are a Global Leader in Automotive-Grade Solutions that Drive Performance and Efficiency

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